The nuclear apocalypse, should it arrive, will bring desolation, starvation, and sickness. But there’s a plus side that’s demonstrated by RAD Boarding: No more n00bs clogging up the slopes.

RAD Boarding is a snowboarding / stunt game from Other Ocean Interactive and Noodlecake Studios. Calling it a “snowboarding game” is admittedly a bit of a misnomer, since Armageddon has scorched much of the snow off the sun-ravaged landscape.

Regardless, you’re still out for a ride – possibly your very last. You slide down long, long inclines, perform tricks and flips, and attempt to out-maneuver horrific beasts born of the irradiated landscapes. It’s totally sick (in more ways than one, since shredding through all that fallout is probably going to give you a bogus case of radiation poisoning.)

RAD Boarding is coming to mobile soon. Also, it has a giant bear with an eyepatch.