Tetris is addictive. Match-three puzzles are also addictive. So how do you effectively glue every man, woman, and child to their mobile device? You mate the two genres and brew up Qubies.

Qubies is a puzzle game by from Lukas Korba, the designer of Octagon, a hyper-difficult arcade / twitch game. While Qubies doesn’t appear to deliver the same level of unbridled frustration, it’s still quite a challenge.

Tetris-like blocks descend from the top of the screen (do tetrads form in the heavens, like rain, snow, and kittens?), and you need to shave down the gradual pile-up by matching said blocks. However, making a neat line isn’t enough. A block must touch two or more of its same-colored companions before disappearing.

The longer you play, the faster the action gets. And if the block pile-up hits the top of the screen – well, you know what comes next.

Qubies’ classic mode will be free to download, and, perhaps surprisingly, ad-free. Players who want to download additional game modes and leaderboards will be able to do so for $1.99.

Qubies hits the iOS App Store on February 11.