I was fortunate enough to play Prison Architect at a games convention a year or so ago, and can confirm that it rawks. Of course, you don’t need me to tell you that. Just look at the fact that it’s clocked up over 1 million sales, and that’s before its official launch.

The news of its 1 millionth punt comes while the game is still only available via Steam’s Early Access service and its own official website, and is currently on the 29th alpha build. UK-based developer Introversion Software has promised a launch date somewhere within 2015 for the PC version of Prison Architect, but more excitingly it’s announced that work has begun on a mobile version. And a console version, for that matter, but it’s the touchscreen tease that we’re interested in, natch.


In case you’re new to Prison Architect, which would be a small surprise given that it’s reportedly brought the small development team over $11 million through its alpha release, it’s in much the same style as construction and management games like Dungeon Keeper, or Theme Park and Theme Hospital.

Only in this game you’re tasked with building an inescapable fortress while also caring for the inmates, staff and finances. So not only are you the architect of your own prison, but you must also learn how to become its warden.


It’s easy to see how Prison Architect will work on a smartphone or tablet, and in many ways will benefit from more organic┬átouch-based controls. There’s no info yet on a launch schedule for this long-awaited mobile version, but we’ll keep you posted right here on Gamezebo about its progress.

But for now, lights out!