Step into your favorite DeLorean, telephone booth, or blue police box, because this week’s new releases are taking us on an adventure in time! Ports of classics from 1997, 1999, 2005 and 2009 all made an appearance last night.

And if that’s not enough to justify your journey through the temporal mists, maybe you’d rather go to the far-off future or the vampire-filled past? Today’s new iPhone and iPad games have got you covered.

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered


Known in the US as Indigo Prophecy and the UK as Fahrenheit, this game was originally released on the PS2 10 years ago and managed to polarize audiences. You either loved it or hated it. Speaking personally, I loved it. And if you like adventure games, I’m thinking you will too. Indigo Prophecy is the product of Quantic Dream (aka the folks beyond Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls), and has players trying to solve a paranormal mystery involving seemingly ordinary people killing absolute strangers.

Heroes of Might & Magic 3: HD Edition


The Might & Magic series comes in a few different flavors, and if your favorite flavor is strategy, Heroes of Might & Magic is the spin-off for you. The third entry from 1999 has received an “HD” edition on the iPad courtesy of current franchise stewards, Ubisoft. People went nuts for this one back in the pre-Y2K era, but does it hold up? There’s only one way to find out.



After a few weeks on Android, we’re comfortable saying that this one is awesome. Crescent Moon Games’ top notch sci-fi RPG has finally come to iOS. If you like a great mix of action and storytelling, you’ll want to be sure to add this to your collection.

  • Download ($4.99)



The latest game from the mind behind Woah Dave! is something that’s very high on our radar indeed. This one is about timing explosions to destroy star systems using as few warheads as possible, because… conservation? Budget constraints? Whatever – just don’t waste our bombs.

Yet It Moves


A puzzle platformer about rotating the world to get where you need to go, this one was previously known as “And Yet it Moves” when it debuted back in 2009. It was the darling of the indie scene back then, and we quite liked it too.

Radiation Island


We haven’t seen a successful open world survival game in the style of Day-Z or Rust hit the App Store yet, but if early rumblings are anything to go by, Radiation Island might just be the first. Bonus fact: it’s developed by the same studio responsible for the Sky Gamblers series.

Lamp and Vamp


A roguelike about a vampire in search of great real estate? It was cool as a browser game, and we’re thinking it will be just as cool on our phones.

Playworld Superheroes


When you’re a kid, a cardboard box can be anything. With a little bit of glue and some markers, maybe even… a superhero? Start in your treehouse and end up fighting in the streets in this game aimed at fostering creativity in children (and, also, letting them kick some Golumite butt).

Gourmet Ranch


If you like FarmVille 2, you’re going to want to give this a download. Gourmet Ranch seemingly provided much of the inspiration for Zynga’s sequel, and was a huge hit on Facebook in its own right. And now, finally, it fits in your pocket!

Pro Pinball


Remember the classic Pro Pinball series from the PS1 days? It’s back! Only one of the four tables has been released so far (Timeshock), but it’s arguably the best, so who’s complaining? Bonus: the game has been beautifully remastered. In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen nicer lighting effects in a virtual pinball game.

Puppet Punch


Looking for a twitchy arcade-style game about tapping on every damned enemy that pops on the screen? Puppet Punch has got you covered. It’s been a while since we’ve had a frantic game like this on the App Store (or at least one that looked like it could hold our interest). And at the low low price of free, it won’t cost anything to find out if our instincts are right.

Mean Girls: The Game


The world’s first tiara-defense game? That sounds about right. I can’t decide if this is meant to bring Mean Girls fans to tower defense, or tower defense fans to Mean Girls. Either way, I’m now checking to see if it’s on Netflix. (UPDATE: It is!)

Exit Strategy


A puzzle game about portals? And it’s not Portal? Iiiiiiinteresting.

LEGO Ninjago Tournament


Are you a boy aged 8-10? Then you’re probably knee-deep in these things. LEGO Ninjago has become a huge hit; so much so that a movie has been announced from the people behind The LEGO Movie. This isn’t the first mobile game attached to the franchise, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. If you’re into the series, we’ve no doubt this is a download you’ll be making.



Clicker games are a dime a dozen on the App Store, so what makes this one any different? For one, the art style is dripping with cool. For another, it’s by FreshPlanet: the SongPop studio who’ve spent much of the last year dabbling in a wild variety of game styles. It should be interesting to see their take on this one, too.

Combo Queen


An action-RPG that promises “a unique combo and parry system,” Combo Queen is nothing short of gorgeous (so long as you appreciate pixel art). The eye candy alone looks to be worth the price of admission here.

Touchdown Hero


Admit it – you’re looking for something to help pass the time on Sunday before you show up at that Superbowl Party. Maybe this endless runner can help fill the void.