If you know the difference between the People’s Elbow and the Five Knuckle Shuffle, tonight’s going to be a big night. WWE Immortals, the latest game from WB-owned NetherRealm Studios, is finally hitting the App Store.

And if you can’t do a leg drop to save your life? Don’t worry – there’s other good stuff coming too.

WWE Immortals

We still don’t know for sure that NetherRealm’s wrestling game will be similar to Injustice: Gods Among Us, but it seems like a safe bet. Whether we’re right or wrong, it should be an interesting game to play. Who wouldn’t want to give the WWE license to the Mortal Kombat folks?



Can you guide a ball through 60 levels by safely planning its route? With minimalist visuals and a mentalist’s challenge, Socioball will probably be the top pick for puzzle gamers tonight.

GunSlugs 2

OrangePixel has something of a cult following on the App Store, and with good reason. If you love fast, fun, retro-style ingenuity, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a good time. GunSlugs 2 is their biggest project to date, and according to the devs, “the result of watching too many 80’s action-hero movies, cartoons, playing retro games, and triple-A block-buster console games.”

Fighting Fantasy: Bloodbones


We’re kind of cheating by including Bloodbones on tonight’s list, because it’s actually available right now. Tin Man Games has done fabulous things with their Fighting Fantasy gamebook adaptations before, and we’re expecting nothing less from Bloodbones – a tale of pirates, voodoo, and the undead.