Yellow Monkey Studios (who you may remember from their 2012 release, Huebrix) are about to release their newest game, Socioball, for iOS devices.

As an isometric puzzle game, Socioball has players guiding a ball to a goal with the use of puzzle tiles. Each of the game’s sixty levels will strain the player’s ability to successfully plan out a route for the ball to traverse through that adheres to that particular level’s challenges.


If the sixty levels are not enough, Socioball comes with a level editor that allows players to design their own levels, and then share them on Twitter.

To take things one step further, Yellow Monkey Studios has implemented a system that technically allows any player to access any level designed and published to Twitter that utilizes the “#socioball” hashtag.

“When you share a puzzle, Socioball takes a snapshot of it,” Yellow Monkey Studios explained in the press release. “The game then hides the puzzle data in the image and tweets it with #socioball. Socioball searches for puzzles on Twitter using the hashtag, decodes the image data and makes all the puzzles available on twitter seamlessly playable from inside the game, effectively using Twitter as a level-sharing platform.”

Look for Socioball in the iOS App Store on January 15th, for $2.99.