Last summer you may recall we were hooked on the self-proclaimed “car chase simulator” Pako. Back then, Pako was only available for Windows Phone. But it has since made the jump to both Android and iOS devices – where it has been (deservedly) a huge hit.

Today saw a new content update for Pako’s iOS users, introducing players to three new maps (Deadly Arena, Desert Race, and Narrow Old Town), five new vehicles, new music, new enemies, and a paint shop that players can take advantage of to customize their vehicles.

Everyplay integration was also added in this update.

Pako is built around the theme of high-speed Hollywood-esque car chases, where players must attempt to stay on-the-go for as long as possible. The longer they keep the chase going, the higher their score.


A special “update launch sale” is underway, slashing the price of Pako down to just 99-cents for iOS users. The Windows Phone users (who received this update back in December) are not so lucky, as the game is currently sitting at $1.99 in the Windows Phone store.

In the good news/bad news category, Pako is still free on Google Play – but Android users have yet to receive the new content. Sorry Android fans!