Happy New Year! It’s time to pack up your Christmas tree, charge your iPhone, and spend those App Store gift cards that Santa so graciously left in your stocking.

The dry spell that is the late December/early January release schedule is finally over. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these six new iPhone and iPad games that will be hitting the App Store tonight.


When we reviewed Gunbrick back in 2012, it was a fantastic little browser game with minimalist visuals and far too few levels. In its 2015 iOS incarnation, though, it looks like both have been beefed up quite a bit. Players will roll around in a brick, with one side well-armed. Let the puzzle platforming commence!

Heavy Metal Thunder: Sol Invictus

Gamebook fans with a hunger for the horrors of space found plenty to love in Heavy Metal Thunder last year. Book #2 in the series comes out tonight, but if you missed the first one, don’t worry — this takes place in the same universe, but you won’t require knowledge of the first plot to enjoy the read.

Battle Slimes



Four player, one device, shoot’em up madness. It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But from what we’ve seen, Battle Slimes might just make it work. The focus here is on simple controls in well-designed arenas, letting the stage design offer the depth that “just touch to jump” controls might be lacking.

Dragon Mania Legends

No matter how long the formula has been around for, it’s never a bad time for a DragonVale-style game. Dragon Mania Legends is Gameloft’s stab at the genre, and if the trailer above is any indication, there’ll be a healthy mix of pet care, battle training, and 3v3 combat tossed into the mix.

Area 777

area 777

Saving the world is tough, but it’s not impossible — especially if you have luck on your side. And with the slot-based nature of this unique Vegas defense game (from the makers of Castle Doombad, no less),  we’ve got to think that luck is going to play a fairly big part in Area 777.

Drop Wizard

Lost Yeti was a fantastic little mobile game that harkened back to the earliest days of the arcade, so when developer Neutronized revealed that the release of a game with similarly old school appeal tonight, you’d better believe our ears perked up. Drop Wizard looks a little like Bubble Bobble or Snow Bros; and if it plays even a smidge like either, we’re pretty sure it will bring a smile to your face.