Rappelling – that is, descending down a steep cliff face with the aid of a rope – is dangerous enough on its own. Nevertheless, Halfbrick Studios seemingly took a look at the act and said, “Eh, let’s punch this up a bit.”


The result is Radical Rappelling, a free-to-play action game that adds spiked sky-urchins and bounce pads to an otherwise controlled descent. You play as one of several athletes making their way down big, big mountains.

There are hazards to avoid, but more importantly there are tricks to perform and rewards to collect, including lots of coins. What kind of sky-god suspends money bags in the air for anyone fit enough to pick them up? The obvious answer is, “An awesome god.”

Radical Rappelling is currently in soft-launch outside the United States, and can be found on the Canadian and Australian App Store. If you’re not in Canada but you’re interested in creating your own Canadian App Store account for the purpose of sampling soft-launches like Radical Rappelling, we can help you with that.

And you probably want to, because from what little we’ve played, this one seems, well… “radical.”