Stella and her femme fatales are back, but for now they’re beyond throwing their own bodies to injure piggies. In fact, Angry Birds Stella POP! has nothing to do with the original Angry Birds formula. Instead, it’s a bubble-popping game in the tradition of Bust-a-Move and its ilk.

In Angry Birds Stella POP!, Stella and her pals (most of whom feature in Angry Birds Stella) match up three or more bubbles of the same color in order to clear away clusters of the baubles. Oftentimes, pigs are perched perilously in the bubbles, thinking they’re safe from harm (like they do). You prove them wrong by clearing away their solid foundation to send them tumbling.


Chaining matches also gives you a chance to activate the girls’ special powers. For instance, Stella herself can fire off a super-bubble that blows away everything it touches. It’s a useful Hail-Mary when your allotted number of moves is dwindling, and you’re still far from a level’s goal.

Angry Birds Stella POP! is free, and is currently in soft-launch on the Canadian App Store. If you’re outside the country, here’s how to make your own Canadian App Store account. Maple syrup and subsidized health care are not included.