Heavy Metal Thunder is a choose-your-own-adventure book series that began life in print and paper, penned by celebrated sci-fi author Kyle B. Stiff. Last year it saw a return to life as Barcelona-based indie developer Cubus Games gave it a stunning lick of digital paint and delivered it as a powerhouse gamebook app that’s enjoyed over 69,000 downloads.

And now the second story in the series, Sol Invictus, has received the same touchscreen treatment.


“For three years the soldiers of the Black Lance Legion have watched as the Invaders turned their solar system into a hellish, desolate wasteland,” the synopsis begins. “Humanity’s most advanced fighting force lurked in the shadows, doing little while their species was forced to choose between eternal enslavement… or extinction.”

You take on the role of the head of the resistance legion, and take an epic journey to the far reaches of the galaxy’s most dangerous corners in this interactive fiction extravaganza. Like the other gamebooks Cubus has created, this digital re-engineering of Sol Invictus brings a host of new features including a beautiful graphical overhaul (courtesy of graphic designer Marc Gonzalez, who also illustrated Heavy Metal Thunder) and the kind of RPG gameplay twists that paper and print just can’t deliver.


Fans of the previous gamebooks will be looking forward to Sol Invictus, but it’s worth noting that you don’t need the first one to enjoy the sequel. These stories are more like step brothers; taking place in the same universe, but with independent characters and plot lines woven into them.

We’re advised that it’s due to hit the iTunes App Store and Google Play on January 8, 2015, so put your reading glasses on standby.