Two years ago, WarChest and Splash Damage partnered up to release RAD Soldiers to mobile gamers. While we found RAD Soldiers to be just above average, the game managed to pull in over four million downloads as of this writing.

Now the two brands are pairing up once again to bring players another thrilling action title: TEMPO.

In TEMPO, a super-rich madman is threatening to destroy London unless he is paid one-trillion pounds ($1,566,950,000,000). The madman has assembled an army of mercenary soldiers to fight for him, and it’s this army that players will be facing as they race the clock to save London from destruction.

How the madman convinced mercenaries to fight for him when he plans to just blow them all up if the money is refused, or why an American-sounding fellow is so interested in London and getting paid in pounds are plot points I feel like WarChest and Splash Damage are just skimming over. But hey, even the best action movies have some rather ridiculous plot points.


Speaking of action movies, WarChest describes TEMPO as a “cinematic action game” with “reflex-driven gameplay”. Going off of what can be seen in the teaser trailer, I don’t doubt that TEMPO will feature its fair-share of explosive set pieces.

Look for TEMPO early next year, exclusively on the iOS App Store.