I’ve just been informed that MOBA is not a verb, which is a shame. Nevertheless, it is an accurate term to describe The Witcher Battle Arena, which has popped up in the Canadian version of the iOS App Store, because our neighbors to the North get all the cool stuff first.

CD Projekt RED and Fuero Games describe The Witcher Battle Arena as “a fast, fun and easy-to-learn MOBA” that is set in The Witcher universe (perhaps obviously) and features 3v3 battles against other players, with teammates against bots or even solo against the AI with no internet connection required.

The Witcher Battle Arena

Eight heroes are available at launch, some of whom might give you some insight into The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt before its May release. There’s RPG-style progression for all characters, and the developers are promising that there are zero pay-to-win elements, which isn’t generally a problem in MOBA-style games, but is still always nice to hear.

Of course, there’s the whole problem of not living in Canada if you want to play it right now. CD Projekt RED advises asking a Canadian friend to let you borrow his or her iTunes account, but we also have other ways of accomplishing the same thing.


You could also just be patient and wait for it to show up in your neck of the woods, as a soft launch in Canada often means a wider release is nigh, but where’s the fun in that?

You can download The Witcher Battle Arena from the Canadian App Store for free.