Trivia Crack’s star continues to rise after reaching the very top spot in the US iTunes store. This is all the more impressive upon learning that its competition was the likes of Candy Crush Soda Saga, Instagram, and Facebook.

It also featured as one of the best games in the iTunes ‘Best of 2014’ ranking on the App Store and charted at an impressive third in Google’s ‘Top 100 Best Games of 2014’ list.


For the small few who don’t already know, Trivia Crack is a trivia game that sets you against your friends in each of the six categories of science, entertainment, art, geography, sports, and history.

Win a category and you unlock the character associated with it – unlock all six and you’re crowned the winner supreme.

But how do you make a trivia game stand so tall in app stores full of them? We spoke to Etermax’s CEO, Maximo Cavazzani to find out.

“Most trivia games lacked elements that would make them attractive and addictive at the same time. So we decided to give the classic game of questions a twist. We had to stop thinking like developers & start thinking like a kid or your mom. Our focus is the product: we make the games we

TriviaCrack-InGame-02[1]Paul Del Pin, Marketing and Sales Manager, jumped in to discuss the challenges associated with selling your game to players on such a tight budget.

“User acquisition is very expensive so my main challenge was to grow organically. Trivia Crack was the #1 overall app in 19 countries before we hit big the US. So after the initial push, Trivia Crack went viral because it was loved by the users. The game is just so good!”

Creative Director, Ezequiel Motillo wanted Trivia Crack to be much more than just a game and let us in on the secret to how it’s beginning to achieve that.

“The challenge was to create a brand rather than just a game. The visual identity of Trivia Crack has been key for our other businesses. We have created a toy line, an apparel line, and TV shows on broadcast television based on the game”.

Trivia Crack is available now from the App Store [download] and Google Play [download].

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