Autobots and Decepticons have been at war for millions of years, and both factions have learned a thing or two about tactics. By contrast, you’re a puny flesh creature whose ancestors fell out of a tree practically yesterday. Think you have what it takes to order around gigantic war machines? Hasbro and DeNA are giving you the chance with Transformers: Battle Tactics, so you may as well try.


Transformers: Battle Tactics is an upcoming turn-based strategy game for iOS and Android. Players can collect Autobots and Decepticons, assemble teams, and battle against other Transformers fans. The game’s continuity follows IDW’s Combiner Wars comics, but anyone who’s capable of telling a Bumblebee from a Starscream will be able to enjoy going to war with the big bots.

Of course, the Transformers in Transformers: Battle Tactics can transform. It’s kind of their thing. Each Transformer (more than 75 in all according to a recent press release) has unique skills that change when it shifts and out of vehicle mode.


Expect to transform, roll out, and all that jazz sometime in 2015.