As we dash headlong toward 2015, our thoughts turn toward which games have really caught our attention this year. It’s a natural human condition to embrace nostalgia, even if it’s only from recent memory, and Hoplite is one of those games that demands end-of-year attention. Today particularly, as it’s going free for 24-hours for iPhone and Hoplite-02iPad as part of developer Magma Fortress’s and Pocket Gamer’s Christmas iOS promo.

So stop reading for two minutes, and go grab it quick sharp. Time is against you.

Back? Good, let’s get back to Hoplite.

Ever since Zack Snyder’s spectacular 300 tore the cinema screen to pieces, we tend to remember ancient Greece as a hyper-violent dreamscape. Hoplite gives that period of history some of its quirky fun back, by delivering a minimalist puzzle roguelike that’s far more engaging than its simple concept deserves to be.

Hoplite-01The game is set on procedurally generated grids, casting you as the eponymous Hoplite soldier on a tactical battle to outwit the enemy. Where similar games would take turns making moves, this one has your adversaries make a move whenever you do, adding in a superbly strategic element to the puzzle-based play.

Hoplite is rapidly revealing itself as a sleeper hit of 2014 (though technically it was released in the wee final days of 2013), so make sure you get it installed today as an early Christmas present from the guys at Pocket Gamer. And don’t forget to stop back here to let us know your thoughts about your free copy of Hoplite.