With a five star average on the App Store and a secure spot in the top 10 free games, Crossy Road has seemingly conquered the world… unless you’re an Android gamer. If you’re an Android gamer, you’re very likely asking “Crossy what now?”

crossy-roadThat question is about to be answered though, and if its success on iOS is any indication, it will be answered LOUDLY. Developer Hipster Whale has partnered with publisher Yodo1 to present the game on Android, and together they’ve announced a Crossy Road Android release date of December 18th on the Amazon App Store and January 8 on Google Play.

It’s worth stressing that you don’t need an Amazon device to download from the Amazon App Store; just an Android device and a willingness to click here.

Crossy Road takes the traffic-dodging fun of games like Frogger and Freeway and updates the formula for 21st century touch screens. Fair free-to-play, plenty of characters to collect, and addictive endless gameplay make this it a tough title to put down.

We’ve also been told that the team is hard at work on adding new characters for the Android release. Considering we’ve already seen the addition of one new character, and the developers are publicly seeking ideas for more, it should be interesting to see how many they’ve assembled for December 18th.

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