Last month we reviewed Darkness Reborn, an excellent hack-and-slash action game that was really fun to play through. While I enjoyed my time with the game, I was only limited to two classes, a warrior-type class and a ninja-type class.

With Darkness Reborn’s latest update, Gamevil has added in a third class, the Daemon Hunter, and unlike the other two classes, the Daemon Hunter uses ranged weaponry.

darkness reborn hunter daemon

The Daemon Hunter wields a crossbow, as well as special abilities like Trap and Devil’s Grasp to make quick work of the hordes of angry enemies that stand in his way. To unlock the Daemon Hunter, players will need to spend either 100,000 gold (which can be collected by playing as the other two, freely-available classes) or by spending 200 of the in-game currency; roughly $20.

Even as someone who greatly enjoyed my time with Darkness Reborn, $20 is far too steep a price for me to even consider. I’ll stick with my warrior, he’s doing just fine.

What do you think? Is $20 too much for a character class in a free-to-play mobile game? I’m interested to hear your opinions.

The Daemon Hunter is available now in Darkness Reborn on Android and iOS devices.