Square Enix is never far away from a new RPG, and it’s just put its latest offering, Heavenstrike Rivals, into soft launch in Canada and Australia with a global release slated for ‘this winter.’

Heavenstrike Rivals comes to us from UK-based developer Mediatonic, which has created the brand new IP as a mobile-centric strategy RPG flagship. The game is set in the once prosperous kingdom of Lunnain which has been besieged by hordes of nightmarish monsters known as the Fallen. It’s your happy task to lead the resistance against these aggressive beasts via simple, yet deep tactical combat.

There’s a cast of over 200 characters bolstered by a rich, fantasy storyline (something Mediatonic is well known for, as is Square Enix), and will include online play against other gamers alongside regular events and weekend arena competitions. This combat system has been designed from the ground up with mobile touchscreen platforms in mind, and makes clever use of automatic movements to take some of the strain off the controls, while still allowing you to take a more manual approach if you so desire.

Ryoma Ito of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance fame has added a host of character designs to Heavenstrike Rivals, giving it an ultra-stylish edge, and the music comes from Ryo Yamazaki, who also made a name for himself via the Final Fantasy franchise.

heavenstrike rivals

And the best news of all is that Heavenstrike Rivals is free-to-play, with in-app purchasing support on both iOS and Android devices. The exact launch date has yet to be revealed, unless you happen to be in one of the beta test regions, but it’s expected to go global pretty soon. We’ll keep you posted on its progress, and if any of you Aussies or Canadians have already got your hands on it, we’d love to hear your initial impressions.