2012 marked the final episode of the original gaming/app hybrid, Pocket God. The put-upon pygmies hung up their pixels in Episode 47: Apocalypse, Ow!, and the Bolt Creative team took a well-earned break after more than three years of continuous divine work.

But it seems Bolt Creative is ready to get back in the digital driving seat, and has been in touch with us here at Gamezebo to announce that Episode 48: Call of Booty is due for imminent release, almost two years to the day since the last outing.

“We’re doing our first Pocket God update in over a year,” explains Bolt Creative’s Dave Castelnuovo. “It’s an underwater mini game that originally was supposed to be an upside down Flappy Bird (your buoyancy pulled you up) then transformed into an underwater version of Retry, then it finally morphed into its own thing.”

The last time we saw the Pygmies, they were preparing for the end of the world.

The last time we saw the Pygmies, they were preparing for the end of the world.

In the pygmies triumphant return to the touchscreen, you’re tasked with taking one of the wee chaps underwater to hunt for lost treasure while avoiding carnivorous fish, mines and other aquatic menaces. The scenery loops, Defender style, so you can keep swimming in circles in an effort to gather up 20 pieces of booty.

“This last year has been a sort of reset for us. After five years of working our ass off we had to take a break,” Dave continues, bringing us up to speed on Bolt Creative’s return to the island. “A few months ago, Allan and I started talking about new game ideas. Most of them were too big to finish this year so we decided to start off with our roots and do a new Pocket God update to kick things off.”

It’ll be great to blow the dust off Pocket God, especially now it’s been converted into a universal iOS app, so keep an eye out for Episode 48: Call of Booty going live any time now.