The developers behind the mobile dating app Elimi are looking to solve a number of problems that dating apps like Tinder have brought to the table. Most interestingly  (to our interests, anyway) is that Elimi is attempting to solve these problems through fun, playable elimination games.

“Flirting is a game,” Elimi’s developers said on the app’s website. “Current dating services are more like filling out a contract with all those long winded profiles and matching algorithms. In Elimi you can flirt and have fun by playing task games and really get to know each other.”

Those “task games” involve the girl posting a question that guys are then encouraged to give their best answer to. The girl eliminates her least favorite response, and the rest of the guys are then bumped onto the next round where the girl will post another question and eliminate her least favorite answer. The process goes on until there is only one guy left, and this “winner” is the only guy of the group who gets the ability to open a conversation with the girl.

This solves two major problems: first, it eliminates the massive influx of messages that girls receive from guys all fighting for their attention. Second, it allows the girl to weed through the guys who may look nice but lack any real charm, something that is difficult to do in mobile apps that simply feature photographs and very brief informative bits.

Elimi, which was once known as ElimiDate (more than likely changed due to legal reasons involving a television show of the same name), is available now for Android and iOS devices.