Good news, everyone! Tales From The Borderlands, the next adventure from Telltale Games, finally has a real trailer.

Better news! It has a release date, too.

Well… sort of. For most consoles (PS3/Ps4/Xbox 360/Xbox One/PC/Mac/Toasterovens) the game will “soon be available for digital download,” according to today’s press release. But the mobile versions? The iPhone, iPad and Android releases Gamezebo readers want to know about? Telltale is firmly committing to “before the end of 2014.”


Set in the world of Gearbox Software’s popular Borderlands series, Tales From The Borderlands will tell the tale of Rhys (a schmuck) and Fiona (a con) teaming up on an adventure of Borderlands-worthy proportions. We had a chance to check out the game first hand at E3 this past summer, and were left feeling fairly confident that Telltale knew how to properly handle this brand.

Hold tight, kiddies. Episode one, dubbed ‘Zer0 Sum,’ is on its way.