Zombie Catchers is an action game from Two Men and a Dog. In this game, you capture zombies using a variety of weapons in order to contain them and squeeze them into “juice” and other treats for the sake of making a profit. Gamezebo’s Zombie Catchers tips, cheats and strategies will help you squeeze everything you can from your zombie pals.

Zombie Catchers Tips Cheats Strategies

After throwing a brain, quickly hide behind an object – Zombies are shy. When you throw a brain in hopes of luring one out of their hiding spot, make sure to duck behind an object (like a rock or a stump) as quickly as possible. If the zombies know you’re around, they’ll bolt instead of taking the bait – or they won’t come out at all.

If no hiding place is available, stand a distance away, but be prepared to chase – If an object isn’t available to hide behind, you can get away with standing a measurable distance from a zombie pit after tossing a brain. The zombies will emerge – but once they see you, they’ll run. Get ready to give chase.

Save secondary weapons for heavily armored zombies and / or groups of zombies – Secondary weapons have a limited number of uses, and require time to recharge. It’s best to save them for zombies that might give you a hard time. For instance, the net gun is excellent for catching groups of zombies, as well as heavily-armored zombies.

Zombie Catchers Tips Cheats Strategies

Before putting down bait, clear away local wildlife – Some stages have living obstacles like snakes and bats. If you run into these pests, you’ll be stunned for a few seconds. Before hunting zombies, take a minute to clear the area with your spear gun. You earn a few coins for doing so, and the pests won’t be able to get in your way while you’re chasing down zombies.

Upgrading your spear gun for distance is more important than upgrading for power – You can charge your spear gun to help take down armored zombies, but upgrading your gun for distance serves you better.

Upgrade your zombie-squeezers for more product – Spend coins to upgrade your zombie-juicers. Doing so lets you extract more product from them for a longer period of time, which equals more profit.

Zombie Catchers Tips Cheats Strategies

Use your plutonium to upgrade secondary weapons – You earn plutonium for meeting zombie capture quotas. Put this hard-won currency towards secondary weapon upgrades. You can never go wrong with putting more nets in your net gun.

Make a note of which side of the screen you’re chasing zombies from – Zombies run in the opposite direction of where you’re standing. Consider that before laying down bait. If the zombies spot you and they’re close to the underbrush, they’ll bolt that short distance for cover and you’ll lose them.

Watch out for zombies holding weapons! – Armed zombies will take a swing at you, and if it connects, you’ll be stunned for a few seconds. It’s easy to lose quarry this way. If you spot a zombie that’s armed, prepare to dodge whatever it throws at you. Then nab it.