Do you have a sneaky suspicion that you’re being watched? Don’t worry – that’s just tonight’s new iPhone and iPad games creeping up on you.

As always, these are our picks for the most exciting games coming out tonight that we know about. But there are always a few surprises. Be sure to check back with Gamezebo on Thursday morning for the complete round-up of games worthy of your attention.


First previewed by Gamezebo nearly two years ago, Framed is a stylish puzzle game about moving comic panels to change your fate. In the time since we first looked at it, Framed has gone on to win a slew of awards, from a PAX 10 selection to being named “best upcoming game” by the IMGA’s. It’s next critical acclaim? I’m thinking it might just come int he form of a Gamezebo review.

Space Age


The Incident was a very cool early iOS title by Big Bucket Software, but since its 2010 release, the studio has remained largely silent. As it turns out, they’ve spent the entirety of the last four years working on Space Age: an adventure game with a retro-futuristic appeal.



Looking for endless, crazy, randomly-generated mini-golf? NimbleBit is ready to oblige. The studio behind Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes tries their hand at something decidedly different tonight. And by different, we mean “a little like Desert Golfing, but with more polish, style, and the brilliant course layouts that rival your local Super Putt.”

Crystal Siege HD


2014 is shaping up to be an incredible year for tower defense games. With Cursed Treasure 2 behind us and Kingdom Rush Origins on the horizon, what more could we want? CRYSTAL SIEGE, THAT’S WHAT. FDG Entertainment’s spin on the genre drops tonight, and it looks utterly gorgeous.