The new Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria is open for business a bit ahead of schedule. Bring the kids. Bring your money. Ignore the high-pitched giggling from the things in the ducts. They’re just glad to see you.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 is now available on Steam, which is admittedly a bit of a surprise. Not that long ago it’s release was being teased as 2015, and its predecessor was released just last summer, where it took Steam and mobile by storm thanks to its intense physiological scares and widely-viewed YouTube playthroughs.

Series creator Scott Cawthon has already confirmed via Twitter Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 is coming to mobile, though we don’t know the date at this point. For now, enjoy the PC version of the game, which has more animatronics than ever to haunt you. There’s even a monstrosity that exists only for children to rip apart and build up again to their liking. We’re sure this twisted, blank-eyed puppet enjoys life and does not feel boiling hatred against human beings.