2014 has been a pretty cool year for math games. Take Sumico, for instance. This math puzzler launched on Android earlier this summer and had no trouble wooing us with its algebraic charms.

Now the developers are adding one more (see what I did there?) platform to their offerings: as of Wednesday, November 12th, the game will be available on iOS worldwide.

What can players expect from Sumico? How about a game that challenges you to reach a sum using as many different numbers and operations as you can connect with a single line on a hexagonal board.

That sounded too clinical. Let’s try again. MATH FUN IS GOOD FUN.

There, that should do it.

You’ll be able to grab this one for free (with an option in-app purchase to remove the ads) when it arrives on the App Store later this week. Read our Sumico review to find out why you should.