If your a fan of mobile MOBA’s, there’s a very good chance that you’ve been on the edge of your seat waiting for the worldwide release of Vainglory. We first took at look at this one back in June, and Apple were impressed enough with it that they used Vainglory to showcase their new hardware in September.

So when will it be coming out? Developer Super Evil Megacorp have just announced a Vainglory release date of November 18th.

Vainglory release date

If you’re in Europe, you’ll actually be able to play it a little earlier, as the developers are planning a November 13th launch in that territory. The rest of the world – with the exception of China, Japan and Korea – will see it on the 18th.

If you live in any of those three territories, it sounds like you’ll be waiting for the right reasons. “We are taking some extra time to get the localization for these countries right,” reads the company’s blog post.

Vainglory release date

You’ll need an iPad 2 0r better (and on the two, it only runs at 30 FPS), or an iPhone 5S or better if you want to get your MOBA on.

The team behind Vainglory is comprised of former Rockstar, Playfish and Riot folks — yes, that Riot. The one responsible for League of Legends, aka one of the most successful MOBAs of all time.

Get your hopes up, friends. This one seems like it should be a winner.

[h/t Touch Arcade]