Welcome to Thursday’s onslaught of new iPhone and iPad games! As always, there were hundreds of new titles last night begging for your attention. But your time is precious. Why sort through the pile yourself when we can do it for you?

Our picks for the 12 new iPhone and iPad games you should know about this week are…

Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar

screen1136x1136[1]We first got excited about this one when it was headed for desktops (back when we used to cover such games), so imagine our surprise and delight to find it on the App Store this morning. This one mixes elements of role-playing, strategy, roguelikes and crafting games.

Monkey Racing

screen1136x1136[1]We’re always on the looking out for the next Mario Kart of mobile. Could Monkey Racing be it? Crescent Moon Games is publishing, and they always seem to pick interesting projects, so we’ve got high hopes for this one.

The Sailor’s Dream


Less a game than an experience, The Sailor’s Dream is the latest release from Simogo and it should be considered an instant download for fans of interactive, explorable stories. It’s so unique that we couldn’t even write a review; we had to write a love letter.

Bitcoin Billionaire

screen1136x1136[1]Cookie clickers: just when you think they’ve all but died, another unique twist comes up. This one is from Noodlecake Games, the makers of Super Stickman Golf, and has players upgrading their lifestyle in accordance with their income.

Mr. Particle-Man

screen1024x1024[1]If you played Ms. Particle Man, you’ll be pleased to know that the developer hasn’t been resting on their laurels. The sequel has arrived, bringing more bouncy retro fun to your pocket.

The Hunger Games: Panem Rising


With The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 hitting theaters this weekend, it should come as no shock that a movie tie-in game is launching to help you pass the time as you’re standing in line for tickets. Kabam has spearheaded Panem Rising, a game where you’ll “enlist your favorite characters to join your squad.” Sounds familiar.

Battle of Heroes: Land of Immortals

screen1136x1136[1]Ubisoft is really putting a lot of stock into mobile releases lately. This one seems to be a rather polished, high-quality aping of the Clash of Clans formula. If that’s your sort of thing, give it a download.

Day of the Viking

screen1136x1136[1]Defend your castle and princess from a viking invasion, BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU LIVE BEFORE ELECTRICITY.

Space Forest Dilemma

screen1136x1136[1]A simple puzzle game with a brilliant premise – you have to make all of the blocks move without letting them touch each other. Different obstacles and perfect timing comes together to wreak havoc on your path to a single simple goal: no touching.

Briquid Mini

screen1136x1136[1]Briquid was a nifty puzzle game from last year that was sadly iPad only. Now it’s back, and this time it’s small enough to fit in your pocket. (Actually, it’s universal, so you can enjoy this sequel regardless of which device you have).

Battle World: Kronos

screen1024x1024[1]Originally appearing on desktops after a successful Kickstarter, we’ve been hearing some good things about this one from our friends at Pocket Tactics. If you’re a fan of turn-based military strategy (think Advance Wars), you’ll probably want to pick this up.

Mighty Smighties


Collectible card games areĀ super common on the App Store nowadays, but there aren’t too many they focus on being cute. Mighty Smighties solves that and adds in match-3 and character customization. Finally, a family friendly alternative to all of scantily-clad, big monster CCG’s out there.