Wednesday evenings always tend to bring great flotsam to the App Store’s shores, but usually this is just an analogy. When a nautical themed narrative piece by Simogo arrives, I can’t help but think it’s something more.

Kismet, maybe?

These four games are high on our radar for tonight, but be sure to check Gamezebo again on Thursday morning for the complete roundup of games worth trying.

The Sailor’s Dream

After Year Walk and Device 6, you’d think that Simogo had explored every nook and cranny you can in narrative games. Tonight they prove that notion wrong, releasing their third unique story/game; this time telling the tale of an able-bodied seaman (we think – they’re so darned secretive!)

World of Warriors


MindCandy, the creators of Moshi Monsters, are branching out into a brand new IP tonight. World of Warriors has players collecting and strengthing cartoonish parodies of history’s most famous figures, then fighting them against each other in 3v3 combat. We’ve been playing this one in pre-release, and thanks to some fun quicktime event-based fighting, it ends up being well worth a look.

The Counting Kingdom


Math games suck, right? WRONG. The Counting Kingdom was so much fun that it earned a coveted spot in this year’s PAX 10. If you’re looking for a great way to help kids reinforce their skills (or just a fun chance to refresh your own), this seems like a sure thing.

Day of the Viking


The latest game from Adult Swim, Day of the Viking will see you protecting your castle (and it’s princess) from an imminent viking attack using your only your finger to command your defensive forces. Why don’t vikings ever show up just looking for hugs?