Gaijin Games of Bit.Trip series fame rebranded themselves as Choice Provisions earlier this year, and their first game under the new name will be unleashed this Thursday, October 30th.

Woah Dave! is heavily inspired by the original Mario Bros, as well as Super Crate Box. Players control Dave, a hero who has to deal with creatures hatching from eggs, flying eyeballs, and exploding skulls, all while trying to get as much money as possible, because capitalism! But there’s a hierarchy to the various items: the skulls can explode, but also can kill eggs before they hatch. The eggs meanwhile can kill enemies, but not each other.


The coins, hatching enemies, level layout, and chunky pixel-art all recall an earlier 80’s style rather than the kind of modern pixel art style that many games use. As well, the WOAH! block that works like the POW block in the original Mario Bros gives away that this is really quite the homage to that game – not to mention the Yoshi-esque eggs with green spots.

But the game becomes about managing the number of enemies on screen, not letting the screen get too crowded, and trying to not let enemies fall into the flaming pit at the bottom, lest they return stronger than ever. It should prove to be an entertaining enough arcade title, and it’s got an interesting adaptive touch control scheme that might just solve the inaccuracy problem with virtual buttons.

Woah Dave! launches this Thursday.