Twisty Hollow is a puzzle title that centers around a Mayor who’s gone completely out of control. As a resident of Toronto, I simply cannot identify with this game’s story.

Created by Arkadium Games, Twisty Hollow’s unique puzzles are presented and solved via a giant wheel. The self-appointed Mayor of Twisty Hollow has been making up some crazy ordinances, like “No bacon allowed,” which is grounds for righteous war in some societies.

You restore order to the citizens’ lives by spinning the game’s wheel and matching up tools and items. Every pick-axe for a diamond. Every hook for a fish. And every pan for a side of pig.

Twisty Hollow has over 50 puzzles, and boasts adorable paper-style graphics in addition to a weird story and lovable characters. Think you can untangle the Mayor’s weird, weird decrees? You can try to do it on iOS on October 30. An Android version of the game will follow at a later date.