Oh snap! Remember how we told you about Seabeard recently? The game being developed by HandCircus – the creators of the early App Store hit Rolando – and being published by Backflip? Well, you better hop on over to the Canadian App Store right now, as Seabeard has just soft launched in the Great White North.

If you don’t have a Canadian iTunes account yet, you can learn how to get one here to get a heads-up on one of the most anticipated titles of the rest of this year.


The game starts with creating a captain and going on tutorial quests to help start to rebuild Accordia, home of the captain’s grandfather, Seabeard. There’s dungeon crawling through exploring mysterious caves, lane-based runner style play with slalom sailing sections, target ranges, town-building, and more to do.

This promises to be quite the expansive game – and it’s one that’s both gorgeous and colorful. Time will tell if it is a jack-of-all-trades and master of none, or if a social game can truly be massive in scope if there’s enough talent behind it.

The worldwide Seabeard release date is set for “before the end of the year.”