Have you ever found yourself playing a few moments of Clash of Clans at the ballpark, just to pass the time while you’re waiting for the next batter to step up to the plate? It seems like you’re not alone – and if you’re a Kansas City Royals fan, that could have been a very bad thing.

As first reported by The Kansas City Star, Clash of Clans might have proved a little too popular in the team’s dugout.

This was back in July, when the Royals weren’t performing quite as well as they could have. Since refocusing their efforts and cutting back on Clash of Clans, the team has seen marked improvement. Case in point: they played the first game of the World Series last night against the San Francisco Giants.

Though considering how brutally that went, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve moved on to Star Wars Commander.

[via The Kansas City Star]