If you’ve been part of the App Store era of mobile gaming long enough, you’d be well aware of the Rolando series from HandCircus. Both games are gorgeous puzzle-platformers that were some of the defining games of the early App Store canon that showed that this era of mobile gaming could do some really cool things. Well, the developer has been in limbo for about three years now, working on a game called Seabeard. It’s hopefully releasing sometime by the end of the year, and it’s being published by Backflip Studios.

The idea is that this will be a sort of role-playing adventure game, where players will get to explore a large, beautiful world, assembling a crew and sailing the seas to explore more of the islands and dungeons that populate this oceanic landscape. It’ll be possible to sail, fight, cook, farm, and more, discovering trading routes, various tribes with new people to help and recruit, and more.

The game is in 3D – and bares a slight resemblance to Oceanhorn, and The Wind Waker, but shows flashes of that HandCircus style that was so beloved in Rolando.

The game will be free-to-play, but there’s evidence of a depth that other games with similar descriptions do not have. There’s the sailing, the strategization of trade routes, the farming, the customization, the dungeon-crawling with basic Infinity-Blade-style combat, all in one massive experience.

A soft launch is planned and they’re teasing it’ll come out in a month that ends in ‘R’ – meaning October, November, or December. In fact, just this morning Hand Circus confirmed that the Seabeard release date is coming “before the end of the year,” so get ready folks.