There was a time in your life – and it might have lasted for a few years – that you were playing Words With Friends every day. And then it was every other day.

Then… it was over. You deleted the app and gave it nary a second thought. There were other, newer apps that demanded your attention, and you left your one true love behind.

newwordswithfriends1Zynga knows this, and their heart is breaking. That’s why, for the game’s fifth anniversary, they’ve given it a new name and some new features. They call it…

wait for it…

New Words With Friends.

Groundbreaking, I know. But while the new name might not seem overly innovative, the additions to the game should. The biggest change is the introduction of a nre single-player mode. Solo Play will allow gamers to enjoy the game offline, against AI.

In other words, no more waiting for obnoxious strangers to take their turn unless you want to.

newwordswithfriends2New Words With Friends has also added user profiles and stats, a “Community Match” multiplayer option that lets you browse profiles of your opponents to pick from (it’s opt-in, so don’t panic), and a dictionary to help you define those weird words your opponent (and the game) claims are the real deal.

If you haven’t played Words With Friends in awhile (and admittedly, I haven’t), New Words With Friends seems like a great opportunity to jump back in.

Download New Words With Friends from the App Store and Google Play.