Everyone once in a great while, there’s a wonderfully original game release that proves there’s still plenty of room for unique games. In early 2012, that release was Waveform – a desktop arcade / puzzle game about manipulating a wave of energy.

We gave it four and a half stars in our Waveform review, and now, more than two years later, we’re delighted to stand by that score.

The only thing that really bothered us was that, based on the way it played, it almost seemed like a game that was designed with mobile in mind. The lack of an iOS or Android release seemed absurd.


Today developer Eden Industries rectified this oversight with the release of Wavefront – a mobile version of Waveform with a new name, but some very familiar gameplay.

“Over the years we’ve received countless requests for Waveform to be available on iOS and Android,” reads a post on the Eden Industries blog. “I was hesitant to release Waveform on mobile simply because it is an extremely competitive market where new apps are released, and subsequently buried, instantly.”

The solution? A partnership with a big publisher. In this case, DeNA.


If you haven’t played Waveform, or are just eager to finally play it with touch screen controls, you can pick up Wavefront on the App Store for $2.99.

An Android version is set to follow at a later date.