Need a reason to smile today? Here’s one: a bunch of games that you’ve been dying to play are all having their release tonight. For realzies.

There’ll be more releases than this, but of the ones we’ve learned about in advance, these four are very much the best picks for the new iPhone games and new iPad games you should know about.

Tune into Gamezebo tomorrow morning for the complete round-up.

Castaway Paradise

It’s like Animal Crossing for your iPhone, and after quite a wait (we first wrote about this one back in 2012) it’s finally here! Or at least it will be tonight. If you’re still building a town on your 3DS, it’s time to tell your villagers you need to take a vacation. (and if you’re diving in, be sure to check out our Castaway Paradise Tips, Cheats and Strategies!)

Diner Dash

While a lot of folks struggle with the free-to-play formula, Glu seems to be one of the few developers that can pull it off with ease. That’s why, when they acquired Diner Dash-maker PlayFirst, we were less concerned and more curious. Tonight that curiousity with be sated, one way or another, with the first Glu-powered Diner Dash release.

Terra Battle


Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy, has finally done what so many of us have dreamed of: brought a Sakaguchi-piloted RPG to mobile phones. We played this one in pre-release, and it’s pretty neat! If you need some help once you pick it up, be sure to check out our Terra Battle Tips, Cheats and Strategies.


A fling-based physics platformer (is that a thing now?) that sets you in a world of skulls and skeletons, Skullduggery earned itself a spot as a PAX 10 selection this past year. That alone should be enough to put this one on your radar.

Dragon Quest II


Square Enix’s Dragon Quest mobile ports have been nothing short of fantastic (see Dragon Quest I, Dragon Quest IV and Dragon Quest VIII.) Tonight sees another entry into the fray – Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line.