When the robots that serve humanity break loose and raise hell – it’ll happen, mark my words – it’ll be because we force them to go to war with each other for our sake.

Ubisoft’s upcoming mobile puzzle / tower defense game, The Bot Squad, is just one example of robots throwing themselves at danger and beating each other up for human gain. Who’s infiltrating Dynamo City and securing its precious energy stores? Hint: Not us. The robots are charged with doing the dirty work, and they won’t forget it.

The Bot Squad

The Bot Squad lets you command several types of robots, all of whom need to be kept out of danger while they collect the stars necessary to open up new stages and access new kinds of bots. Victory requires a good defense as well as a strong offense: Dynamo City’s energy supply has a pretty big fanbase. Sometimes you need to be the aggressor, and sometimes you need to defend your orbs against waves of enemy attacks.

The Bot Squad is already available on the New Zealand App Store, but will see a The Bot Squad release date of October 16 for the rest of the world on the App Store and Google Play. Check out the game’s main page for more information about your new robotic friends / future overlords.