When Disney accquired Lucasfilm, it seemed like they were ready to set the mobile world on fire with top notch Star Wars games. Of the three released so far, though, two have just disappeared from the App Store.

While Star Wars Commander is still live (and going strong), both Star Wars Assault Team and Tiny Death Star have been removed from the App Store and Google Play. We initially reached out to NimbleBit’s Ian Marsh for clarification, but he was as surprised as we are.

“We don’t have any more information than you do,” Marsh told Gamezebo.


Speaking with a reliable source, Gamezebo has learned that both games have been removed with the intent to retire them. Disney is looking to focus their mobile Star Wars efforts on priority titles like Star Wars Commander right now.

It’s a shame to see two such good titles have their lives cut short like this. Let’s just hope the extra focus on games like Commander means that we’ll have them for a good many years to come.

EDITOR’S NOTE: An earlier version of this article stated that the reasons for these games’ removal was unclear. After learning the details from a reliable source, the article was changed to reflect this new information.