Majestic Nights is the name of an upcoming action / adventure title from Epiphany Games. It’s set in the ’80s, and if there’s a better adjective to describe the ’80s than “majestic,” the world has yet to learn it.

Majestic Nights stars John Q Cardholder, a conspiracy theorist. John knows the world around us is packed to the brim with alien plots and nasty corporate agendas. He just needs to prove it. Which means he needs to talk to the right people, and avoid getting pummeled by other people.

The developers have recently released a Majestic Nights trailer that should give you a good idea of how the gameplay shakes out.

The action in Majestic Nights appears to be split between talking, dodging, and fighting. When possible, John gets ahead with his gift of gab. When his audience isn’t receptive, he resolves to sneaking around and giving pursuers the slip. If things get a bit heavy, well, he’s got a gun, and he knows how to use it.

Majestic Nights is an episodic game, and season one is set to release in late October for PC, Mac, Android tablets, iPad, and Kindle Fire.