Plug in your iPhone and get that battery good and charged. If these four games are any indication, you might just end up on a mobile gaming marathon tonight.

This isn’t everything launching tonight that’s worth playing, of course. Be sure to check back with Gamezebo tomorrow morning for our complete round-up.


Boomlagoon really wowed us in early 2013 with their first title, Noble Nutlings. Now they’re back with a game that’s part platformer, part card collection – and it’s looking like that combination could lead to tons of variety.

Fruit Ninja 2.0


While not a new game, tonight’s Fruit Ninja update is expected to pack in enough fresh content that it should feel new all over again. Expect unlockable blades and dojos that will modify the experience depending on which you’ve equipped.

Card Dungeon


Why wait for the tablet version of Card Hunter when you can have the next best thing? The developers of Card Dungeon are quick to stress that their game shares little more than a common inspiration with Blue Manchu’s brilliant browser game, and if true, that’s good enough for us. Faux tabletop RPG, here we come.

Adventure Xpress


Think you’re getting tired of match-3 RPG’s? Think again! Tonight’s big match-3 battler comes to us courtesy of Adult Swim Games and PikPok – aka the pairing behind such gems as Monsters Ate My Condo and Giant Boulder of Death.