FDG Entertainment has been working on a tower defense game called Crystal Siege for more than two years, with nary a peep as to what the game’s progress was. But now we know in a big way what the situation is: Crystal Siege lives, and is coming real soon, with a release date of Q4 2014 for iPad. An iPhone release is to follow.

Crystal Siege is described a hybrid showcasing both tower defense and RPG elements. There are definite cues taken from Kingdom Rush, as players can send heroic units out into the battlefields to help take care of enemies along with the defenses provided by their towers.


Maps will contain unique environmental effects too: it will be possible to smash bridges, freeze water, trigger avalanches, use catapults, and more. Oh, and there will be loot to collect and equip to help become stronger in battle, along with powerful spells to use in combat.

While Crystal Siege is scheduled to land on iPad first as a $4.99 premium app with an iPhone release to follow, we’ve been told that players can expect it on “other platforms” in 2015.

It sounds like an intriguing mix of familiar genres, and the game seems to boast some quality animation as well. Tower defense fans, take note: Crystal Siege may be worth keeping an eye on.