It’s Wednesday, and that means just one thing…

Tomorrow is Thursday.

Anti-climactic, right? Well only if you don’t know that Wednesday evening going into Thursday morning is the magic time when the App Store gets filled with the week’s top tier games! Here are 6 of tonight’s releases that we’re particularly keen to keep an eye on. Be sure to check back with Gamezebo on Thursday morning for the complete round-up.

Asphalt Overdrive

The latest entry in Gameloft’s Asphalt series takes players to the 80’s, and puts them on the run from the law. Fast cars and palm trees FTW.

Smarter Than You

Smarter Than You Preview 2Luca Redwood’s rock-paper-scissor-AI game will finally see the light of day this week. Play against real players, smack talk, and teach the system to better predict human decision-making. #weliveinthefuture

The Secret of Raven Rock

Looking for a puzzle game in the same vein as Myst or The Room? The Secret of Raven Rock is looking to straddle that line.

Anomaly Defenders

ss_4a8ab7dac8cb3682507a5a1a576606e946aec08e.1920x1080[1]Is there such a thing as reverse-reverse-tower defense? No? Then I guess the Anomaly series has gone back to the genre’s roots for it’s final installment. The first (and only) tower offense franchise finally tries its hand at defense, putting you in the weirdly-shaped shoes of the aliens as they defend their homeworld against the humans they once sought to conquer.

Cursed Treasure 2

Can’t get enough tower defense this week? No sweat. Armor Games is publishing the sequel to Cursed Treasure this week. Considering these are the same folks that originally published Kingdom Rush on the App Store, I’d like to think they have a good eye for these things.

Epic Island

Is the latest game from Backflip Studios as epic as its name would suggest? We’re not sure, but they’ve had some pretty great games this summer (Dwarven Den, PlunderNauts), even if SpellFall wasn’t everything we’d hoped for. Epic Island pits players against the evil Cedric Sparklehands as they manage a team of up to five heroes.