Spacewrights is an upcoming 2D pixel art take on the “4X” genre, akin to games like Civilization, but taking place in space. Players will manage a fleet of ships, explore new planets, and try to rule the galaxy. ArithmeBit, the indie studio behind Spacewrights, is shooting for a 2015 release date.

But don’t let that faraway date fool you; the game is more than just a nifty idea at this point. A playable PC demo is available for download, showing how Spacewrights’ space combat works. It’s similar to FTL, requiring players to manage their crew and ship systems, using crew to repair broken parts, attack enemies, and even invade ships when necessary.

It’s already possible to collect parts in combat and use them in later battles. There’s none of the exploration that is promised in the full game, but this demo is a decent game in and of itself while still leaving a lot open for the game’s future potential.

Certainly, the project is ambitious. It’s being made by a two-person team. And despite the pixel art look, just the concept of a 4X game is reaching for the sky. But the demo shows a game that has some formed ideas already. And while releasing on five different operating systems is a lofty goal as well (in addition to iOS and Android, this one will be coming to PC, Mac and Linux), the Moai engine powering the game is the same one powering Broken Age, itself a crossplatform title, so there’s no reason on paper why this game couldn’t work.


ArithmeBit have recently launched a Kickstarter project for Spacewrights that runs through October 17th, with a goal of $12,000, and just under $2,000 in funding as of writing.