iOS 8 comes out today. New iPhones come out on Friday. These should be causes for excitement, right?

Well, yeah… but most developers are too terrified to tackle a new release in a week like this. There’s a good chance that featured spots on the App Store have been carefully selected well in advance, making it tough for the little guy to compete.

The good news is that at least two awesome games launched last night instead, because why not? The bad news is that, asides from super-secret games that Apple might be forcing developers to keep their lips sealed about – there’s very little in tonight’s line-up to get excited for.

That said, here are five games worth keeping an eye on tonight (well… three, plus two you can play right now!)



The Tetris-meets-Threes puzzle game you’ve been waiting for just went live on the App Store this morning. We’ve been fiddling, and it’s pretty cool! The description that’s been used to hype it doesn’t really do it justice – Joinz is very much its own beast. (Download)

Goat Simulator


An April Fool’s joke that’s gone way out of control, Goat Simulator hit the App Store overnight. It’s exactly what the name suggests. Having played the PC version that launched earlier this year, I can vouch for its silliness. It’s the kind of game that so dumb you have to love it. (Download)

The Impossible Test 3


You either love or hate The Impossible Test games. Thanks to my role at Gamezebo, I’m going to take the stance of “impartial observer.” If you’re a fan, though, you’ll be pleased to know that the third entry in the series will be hitting the App Store tonight (and considering how many millions of downloads these games get, there’s a pretty good chance you’re a fan).

Duel Otters

Same device multiplayer is usually a blast. Duel Otters takes the idea of same device multiplayer and turns it into a mini-game collection. It’s an idea with clear potential.

The Maze Runner


I haven’t seen the movie. I haven’t read the book. But I *have* enjoyed plenty of games made by PikPok. The developer of such gems as Monsters Ate My Condo, Giant Boulder of Death, and Flick Kick Football Legends was tapped for this endless runner set in the world of the upcoming film. Fingers crossed it shines as well as their games usually do.