Looking for a little something to play this week? Google Play has been filled to the gills with new Android games recently, and as always, Gamezebo is here to dutifully help you sort through the clutter.

The Survivor: Rusty Forest

rusty-forestIf you’re a fan of open-world survival games like RUST, you’ve probably been jonesing for one you could put in your pocket. The Survivor: Rusty Forest is looking to fill that gap in your playlist, but it’s worth stressing that this is an EARLY ACCESS title on Google Play. That means it’s not quite a finished product, and some parts might be a buggy mess. Still – it seems well worth a look, even at this stage.


aloneWhat it may lack in substance ALONE more than makes up for in style. This minimalist spaceborne spin on the endless running genre was poo-pooed for having controls with a bit of a learning curve in our ALONE review, but once we got used to them, we found a lot to like in this one.

Spider-Man Unlimited

Spider-Man Unlimited Tips Cheats StrategiesAs both a fan of comics and endless runners, I’d be hard-pressed to find another mobile game that performs as admirably as this one does in both categories. There are plenty of Spider-Men to unlock, super-polished gameplay, and the return of the oft-lampooned Spider Armor. What’s not to love? Learn more in our Spider-Man Unlimited review, and be sure to check out our Spider-Man Unlimited Tips, Cheats and Strategies to get even more out of the game.

Daddy Long Legs

Spider-QWOP? We’re too intrigued to not share this one.

Quest of Dungeons

questofdungeonsLooking for another roguelike to add to your collection? This dungeon dive received mostly positive reviews when it was released on iOS earlier this year. And if you’re still a fan of pixel art, show it by supporting an indie dev who feels the same.


CounterSpy 7A brand new PS4 game shows up on Android in perfect form, and for a fraction of the price. Not quite – but asides from a few shortcomings (and only one of the game’s two campaigns – learn more in our CounterSpy review!), it’s hard to not see this one as money well spent.

Block Fortress

A little bit Minecraft, a little bit tower defense, and a whole lot of developed-by-mobile-darlings-Foursaken-Media. Our Block Fortress review went live alongside the iOS version… in early 2013. Better late than never, am I right Android fans?

Diamond Digger Saga

diamonddiggersaga1Love them or hate them, King puts out some really addictive games. Their latest is no different. We put out a Diamond Digger Saga review when this first hit Facebook a few months back, and thanks to touch controls it feels even better on mobile. Need some help? Be sure to check out our Diamond Digger Saga tips.

Back to Bed

backtobedIf you like your puzzle game with a whimsical, artsy bend, Back to Bed is one you’ll want to give a whirl. You’ll need to safely guide a sleepwalker back to bed, lest he fall from his dreamscape. This one earned a solid four stars in our Back to Bed Review.

Phantom Rift

It’s like Mega Man Battle Network, but with a wizard. Don’t know what that means? That’s ok – you’ll just be damned glad you played it.

Five Nights at Freddy’s

screen1136x1136[2]A clever little horror game that puts you in the shoes of a security guard trying to survive five nights with some surprisingly blood-thirsty animatronic pizzeria mascots.

Super Monkey Ball Bounce

monkeylevelIt’s more Peggle than Super Monkey Ball, and it does throw up some unfair roadblocks, but look past these things and you’ll find one of the better Peggle copycats we’ve seen on mobile. The level designs are terrific, and it’s too damned adorable for its own good. Be sure to read our Super Monkey Ball Bounce Tips, Cheats and Strategies to help keep you bouncing.

Dragon Quest I

dragonquest_featuredAfter a few surprise Dragon Quest releases on Google Play, the original game gets a new coat of paint and a mobile release — and it holds up really well. Old school RPG fans will be delighted with this one.

Airheads Jump

screen1136x1136[1]Admit it: it’s been a while since you’ve played a game like Doodle Jump. And while my favorite will always be Mega Jump 2, Airheads is the latest game to try to put a new spin on an old classic. Is it your cup of tea? Might be!