Last month we published an article called 15 Upcoming iPhone and iPad Games We’re Excited About, and with only a few weeks between this and that, it was all too tempting to put together a list of 15 more. What can we say? We love games!

Crossy Road

There’s a Frogger influence to be sure, but the debut game from Hipster Whale (made up of KlickTock’s Matthew Hall and Dungeon Dashers creator Andy Sum, with art by Ben Weatherall) looks to be a whole lot more than that little froggy could handle. This one’s endless, and from what we’re hearing, very good. “#crossyroad is the best endless game I’ve played since Tiny Wings,” says early player @kenwongart on Twitter. “It’s going to be huge.”

The Room Three

theroom3Sometimes all it takes to get excited about a game is a solid track record. The Room is, for all intents and purposes, the best puzzle game on the App Store. It’s sequel was damned fine too, so why wouldn’t we be stoked for the series third entry?

Chaos Rings III

71WO3yQ5joL[1]While it’s only been announced for Japan so far, it seems almost inevitable that we’ll see Chaos Rings III localized for English audiences pretty quickly. The rest of the series is here, and it’s done pretty well! Unlike most Square Enix RPG’s on the App Store, these aren’t ports of old and well-loved games from long-dead consoles. The Chaos Rings series has been created from the ground up for mobile devices, and it’s been far too long since we’ve seen a new one.

Skylanders Trap Team

maxresdefault[1]Ready to have your mind blown? The next Skylanders game will be launching day and date alongside the home console versions. Even crazier? IT’S THE FULL GAME. You’ll be paying the full price for it, mind you, and you’ll need to go and buy it at retail (there’s a portal, toys, and a controller you’ll need). Still, it’s pretty crazy to think that mobile gamers have finally achieved some degree of parity with their console counterparts.



A lot of developers have tried their damnedest to make a Pokemon-quality monster-catching game (you bought Micromon right?), and Kabam isn’t going to be left out. Their entry in the genre will be created by Undead Labs, aka the folks behind State of Decay, and promises hundreds of monsters to collect.

Peggle Blast


There was some uproar earlier this year about EA killing Peggle from the App Store and replacing it with a free-to-play version. Rumors of Peggle’s death were a tad premature – the game lives on as “Peggle Classic” now – and that free-to-play game? It’s getting a new name: Peggle Blast. Between Papa Pear Saga and Super Monkey Ball Bounce, we know that F2P Peggle can work, so it should be exciting to see what the main brand decides to do with it.

Overkill 3


Have a successful formula? Why not break it and rebuild it into something even bigger? That seems to be the notion behind Overkill 3. Past entries in the series have been shooting gallery-style games, but this one goes in for a big upgrade: it’s a cover-based shooter. All of the armory-fun that made the earlier entries so addictive is still there, but it’s wrapped in a much shinier, shootier package.

SimCity BuildIt

simcitybuilditpreviewDetails on this one are super scarce right now. We don’t know if it’s a proper SimCity game, or another free-to-play social endeavor like SimCity Social. Either way, we’re fans of both, so we’re just excited to see how this one shakes out.


This one looked pretty night when we checked it out back in June, and apparently Apple agreed so much so that they used it to showcase the power of the iPhone 6. It’s a mobile MOBA from former employees of Rockstar, Playfish, and Riot Games… Yes, the same Riot Games who made League of Legends.

Super Meat Boy Forever

supermeatboyforeverThis is the third time Team Meat has announced an iOS game, and nothing’s materialized, so… I’m skeptical about this one ever seeing the light of day. That said, I really want it to. It’s an autorunner that should (hopefully) offer up the same kind of brutal challenge that its console predecessor did.

Card Hunter


One of our all-time favorite browser games here at Gamezebo was announced as getting a tablet version back in March, and we couldn’t be happier. Well… maybe we’d be happier if we’d heard a little more on it since then. It’s been all quiet on the Western front, but hey – that probably just means they’re hard at work. In the mean time, you can always check it out in browsers – it’s a great little game of tabletop RPG fun, putting players in charge of an entire party as they fight against their Dungeon Master… Gary.

Car Jack Streets 2

1[1]Announced in 2009, this one has become the very definition of vaporware. That said, we recently reached out to developer Tag Games and confirmed that the game is still being worked on, albeit with a small team while they focus on other (paying) projects. It’s a labor of love at this point, and an incredibly ambitious project that we just pray sees the light of day eventually.

Dragon Quest II & III


Square Enix has been going Dragon Quest crazy lately, and we’re loving every minute of it. After the release of Dragon Quest VIII, and then IV, the very first game made an appearance on the App Store. We’ve been told that II and III are coming next, and considering how well the rest turned out, we couldn’t be more excited!



The first game from Mojang after the release of Minecraft, Scrolls has (even in it’s beta form) managed to knock our socks off. The game is being adapted for tablets by Ludosity (of Card City Nights fame) and should be . It’s like Wizard’s Chess meets CCG’s – a winning combination.

Puzzle to the Center of the Earth

Foursaken Media has become one of those developers that you can just trust to make something cool. Their next title combines elements of match-3 and Spelunky. It almost seems as though it has the same “match-3 platformer” DNA as Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe, but takes it in an entirely different direction. Congrats Foursaken – we’re intrigued once again!