Here’s your weird news for the week: Square Enix have just unveiled a brand new Final Fantasy game for Android and iOS. No, we don’t mean that awesome rental program we talked about earlier this week — this is a completely original game… about typing?

Final Fantasy: World Wide Words will have players assemble a band of heroes and dish out attacks by typing the words that appear on the screen.

Final Fantasy World Wide Words

So… kind of like Typing of the Dead, but Final Fantasy. I can get on board with that.

The game will launch in Japan next week, with no word on a US release. Slide to Play‘s Chris Reed suggests that “these games generally do make their way across the Pacific after being localized,” but with a typing tutor, I’m just not so sure. It seems like it could require a lot more effort than most to localize.


Fingers crossed though, because I’m terrible at texting. I’m the guy who does the “speech to text” anytime I have to send a message longer than three words. Any game that can help me rectify this situation is alright by me.

Japanese gamers can play Final Fantasy: World Wide Words on September 16th on Android, with an iOS release date to follow.

[via SiliconEra]