If you can’t get enough of Assassin’s Creed Pirates, find yourself pining for the days of Sid Meier’s seaward adventures, or if (like me) you just wish they’d make another Crimson: Steam Pirates, you’ll want to put the conch shell up to your ear for HeroCraft’s latest announcement.


The studio has just unveiled Tempest, their upcoming high seas RPG due to hit iOS later this year (with Android and PC to follow). With a focus on combat over commerce (sorry Tradewinds fans), players will be able to customize their ship in a multitude of ways, including more than a few weapons choices.

An official press release promises that players will get “the most valuable magic artifacts for completing many-layered quests,” which leads us to believe there’ll be a sizable single-player component.


HeroCraft is also promising cross-platform multiplayer battles, which, in my opinion, sounds like the biggest draw here.

Expect Tempest to debut on iOS sometime in Q4 2014.