Super Monkey Ball Bounce will be familiar to anyone who has played PopCap Games’ massive hit, Peggle. Players are given a certain amount of balls per level that they must use to clear out predetermined pegs. In the case of Super Monkey Ball Bounce, players can utilize special abilities that the different monkeys possess. With a bit of planning and a good amount of luck, playing through Super Monkey Ball Bounce can be a breeze.  Read on in our Super Monkey Ball Bounce Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide (or SMB Bounce Tips for short).

Take Your Time


There is no sense in just blasting away as soon as the level loads. Many times the levels feature pegs that rotate in certain patterns. Because the number of pegs to eliminate will always outnumber the amount of balls provided, players will need to take into consideration the location of every single marked peg, if they are to be successful. Aim at clusters of pegs, as this increases the chance that the ball bounces around and hits multiple pegs within close proximity.

Don’t Gamble


As tempting as it may be, refrain from blowing your savings account on the slot machine. The game doesn’t tell you this straight up, but you’ll eventually run into roadblocks that you can only pass with gold. Gold that you hopefully didn’t waste on gambling for items. You can always buy more gold (100 gold for 99 cents), but why bother spending that money when the game starts you off with a few hundred gold bars to begin with.

Use the Layouts To Your Advantage


Some of the pegs are strung together in the shape of lines, rather than dots. With a bit of careful aiming, players can roll the ball right along the curvatures of the lines. If the line concludes near the bottom of the level, players should time their shot so that the ball exits the line just as the “1up” hoop passes below. Any time a ball falls into the hoop, they are not penalized for that ball, and essentially get a free shot.

Utilize Free “Ad Balls”


If the player runs out of shots in a particular level, they have the option to watch a single video advertisement and be rewarded with one extra shot. These ads are typically about 15-20 seconds long. Take a short break and look out the window and ponder life for fifteen seconds, or just keep staring at the screen and learn about deodorant that doesn’t stick to your clothing. It’s totally your choice. You’ll only be able to use this feature so many times in a day before it disappears though, so save it for those “just one more peg!” moments.

Stay Focused


You don’t need to eliminate every peg in the level to succeed; only the designated pegs are the ones that need to be bumped into. With that in mind, you should resist the urge to fire a ball into a cluster of regular pegs. It may be fun to watch the ball bounce around but with such few balls players should strive to make every shot as efficient as possible.